The scientific research on breathing has been conducted for over 100 years.

Mouth breathing and its relationship to some oral and medical conditions

Authors: Dr.C. Barbara E. Garcia Triana, Full Professor, Morphophysiology Dept., Faculty of Dentistry, Medical University of Havana, Biomedical Sciences Dept., Faculty of Dentistry, University of Aden

Deficits in working memory, reading comprehension and arithmetic skills in children with mouth breathing 

Authors: Rita Cristina Sadako KuroishiI, Ricardo Basso GarciaII, Fabiana Cardoso Pereira ValeraIII, Wilma Terezinha Anselmo-LimaIV, Marisa Tomoe Hebihara Fukuda

Buteyko breathing techniques in asthma: a blinded randomised controlled trial

Simon D Bowler, Amanda Green and Charles A Mitchell

Asthma and the unified airway

Authors: John H. Krouse, MD, PhD, Randall W. Brown, MD, MPH, Stanley M. Fineman, MD, MBA, Joseph K. Han, MD, Andrew J. Heller, MD, Stephanie Joe, MD, Helene J. Krouse, PhD, APRN, Harold C. Pillsbury, III, MD, Matthew W. Ryan, MD, and Maria C. Veling, MD,

Implications of mouth breathing on the pulmonary function and respiratory muscles

Authors: Helenize Lopes Veron, Ana Gabrieli Antunes, Jovana de Moura Milanesi, Eliane Castilhos Rodrigues Corrêa

Slowing and altering the respiratory pattern to reduce anxiety.

Authors: Bruce M. Cappo and David S. Holmes